ZTE Mobile Authorized Service Centre In Canada


Phone Screen Problems

  • Cracked screens
  • White or Blank screens
  • Lines running through the screen
  • Tie-dye” effect “Bleeding” LCD
  • Black spots or ink spot

Unlock Your Mobile

  • Use any sim card in your mobile
  • Save on roaming charges
  • Increase the resale Value

Water Damage

  • Submerged in water
  • Water Spilled, Moisture
  • Water damage stickers turn Red
  • Do not power on, remove battery and rush it to us asap.

Charging Port

  • Charging Port Repair
  • Charging Port not working
  • Charging Port Phsical Damage

Sound System Issue

  • Microphone Problem
  • Speaker Problem
  • Headphone Problem

Signal Issue

  • Wireless Signal Weak
  • Bad Phone Reception
  • No Signal, or Not Stable

Battery Issue

  • Not hold charge
  • Battery not last longer time
  • Battery hot

Free Diagnose

  • Free Diagnose Test
  • For another issue

Power Issue

  • Charging came loose, is bent/ broke
  • The phone will not hold the charge
  • The phone will not charge period

Software Problems

  • System frozen
  • Date lost
  • System Unstable